Boxing event

On July 16, 2016, young boxers with HFS affiliate Family Restoration Services attended a professional boxing event that showcased 12 of Virginia’s up and coming professional fighters along with some decorated champions.

Athletes such as Jerry “Slug” Forrest, Dewayne “Stop Running” Beamon (shown in picture) Frankie “Freight Train” Filippone and “Dangerous” Dorian Spivey were some of the main attractions. The youth had the chance to sit and talk to other professional boxers—such as Anthony “Prynce” Royal, Earl “The Bull” Platt, and Keith “Roco” Robertson—about their experiences in the amateurs and what it takes to not only become a great boxer, but the commitment and dedication necessary to themselves and their community to ensure that the greatness that they deserve is achieved.

They boys were shown dressing rooms, met more boxers, and felt the atmosphere that fighters experience pre- and post-competition. They talked extensively with Dewayne Beamon (Current UBF Bantamweight Champion), took pictures, and walked him out to the ring before his bout. This bout was a 6rd match for the USBU Junior World and USBU All-American Bantamweight Championship. The kids were ecstatic to see Mr. Beamon dominate the match, winning by unanimous decision.

Since the event, the boys have turned up their work efforts and have committed to doing the absolute best that they can day-by-day. Their observation from the event was that all the opponents that came out of the blue corner did not fare well, so they have an inside thing where they say, “Don’t work out like you want to be in the blue corner.” All in all it was a huge success and we are hoping to continue providing opportunities for them to attend such events. It helps to paint a true picture of what they are working for every day in the gym.

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