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HOLISTIC FAMILY SOLUTIONS was founded in 2013 by mental health professionals Ali and Stephanie Afonja to help individuals who are seeking a natural alternative to treat their mental health issues. HFS offers natural, integrated solutions for individuals who are frustrated with traditional and ineffective therapies. Our combined best practices in fitness, cognition, nutrition, and spirituality form a unique blueprint for the treatment of the whole person in body, mind, and spirit. HFS is a trusted resource for information and services that restore a healthy and balanced life. HFS offerings are intended as components of an integrated wellness regimen and include research-based information, expert instruction, and outpatient therapy.


Meet The Owners


Stephanie Jackson Afonja, MA, QMHP, completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in May of 1997.

Stephanie Jackson Afonja, MA, QMHP, completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in May of 1997.She received Master of Science in Clinical/Community Psychology from Norfolk State University in May of 1999, and continued with post-graduate studies at Liberty University to achieve license eligibility. She last served as a Clinical Service Manager for the Hampton Newport News Community Service Board, where she was employed in various capacities for over 16 years

. Stephanie was also employed for over three years at the Virginia School of the Deaf and Blind as a Behavioral Specialist to youth with multiple disabilities, including sensory and pervasive developmental disorders. She has been a devoted member of the Hampton Family and Assessment Planning Team for over eleven years, actively assessing the needs of youth and families and serving as liaison to a comprehensive service delivery system in the Hampton community. She is a current member of the Hampton City School Board.In September 2007, Stephanie founded Stephanie founded Family Restoration Services “FRS” in partnership with her husband, Ali.

Their approach has successfully allowed youth to remain in their own homes, with their own  families, and in their own communities. Stephanie is a champion of keeping families together and giving them the tools to succeed long after services end.

In 2011, in response to needs of FRS participants and the community at large, the Afonjas also cofounded the nonprofit Families Overcoming Obstacles Together “F.O.O.T.,” whose many activities promote healthy living for all through community outreach. F.O.O.T. has since served hundreds of Hampton Roads families.Building on these successes, the Afonjas created Holistic Family Solutions in 2013  to bring their revolutionary family wellness approach to a broader audience.


Adetokunboh (“Ali”) Olusegun Afonja migrated from Lagos Nigeria as a young child to New York City.

The son of hardworking immigrant small business owners, Ali’s life was disciplined and structured. Education and healthy living were priorities of the Afonja household. As a young man struggling for acceptance, Ali was confronted by delinquent behaviors such as drug use and gang involvement. Instead he chose track, basketball, boxing, and weight-lifting. In the United States Navy he became a physical trainer for his division, and later pursued his Bachelor’s in psychology at Norfolk State University. As a mental health professional and certified personal trainer he went on to earn his Master’s in sports psychology from Cal Southern University. He remains focused on physical fitness as an amateur bodybuilder.

With his wife Stephanie, Ali is the co-founder of Holistic Family Solutions (2013) and its affiliate organizations: Family Restoration Services, Home of the Children’s Fitness Academy (2007) and a nonprofit organization Families Overcoming Obstacles Together “F.O.O.T”, 2011.

The Afonjas have positively inspired hundreds of clients who, frustrated with traditional therapeutic approaches, have sought holistic solutions to help prevent, manage, and treat their own and their children’s emotional and behavioral disorders. They were jointly named “Healthcare Heroes” by the Virginian-Pilot in 2016. Ali is also a 2017 recipient of the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award and the Virginian-Pilot’s 2018 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

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