Holistic Outpatient Counseling Services

Holistic Outpatient Counseling Services

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Holistic counseling is an approach to treatment, founded on HFS’s for quadrant wellness which focuses on the entire human being and their life experience treating the individual from a physical and spiritual context. When it comes to treating a number of health issues, it’s important that the mind-body connection be considered. Counselors who practice holistically are able to help their clients put their best foot forward in their day-to-day experiences physically, mentally and emotionally.
FRS’ counselors are also highly concerned with the psychological wellness of their clients. As mental health practitioners, our counselors are also well-equipped to provide clients with the psychological support they need moving forward. Holistic therapies will be used to address a number of challenges that clients may face, including depression, anxiety, mood regulation, somatic ailments, stress and trauma. Through a combination of spiritual, emotional and physical treatment our counselors will help individuals to work in harmony to support their day-to-day function.
FRS Counselors may suggest a number of complementary and alternative therapies that aid in their client’s well-being, including yoga, guided meditation, chiropractic techniques, massage therapies, gardening, aromatherapy and adjustments to diet and exercise.
FRS offers counselors with diverse experiences and specializations to include: cognitive-behavior therapy, family dynamics, parenting with love and logic, substance abuse, person centered motivational approach, wellness, trauma, LGBT issues, mood regulation and work with service members to address the high suicide rates amongst their ranks.








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