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4 Quadrants of Wellness

The Wellness Quadrants are both the conceptual foundation of Holistic Family Solutions and its trademark approach to integrated wellness.
Each quadrant represents an area of well-being. Fitness maintains and strengthens the body. Cognition orders the mind to better direct the body. Nutrition sustains and builds the body. Spirituality calms the body and lifts the mind. Taken together the quadrants interact each with the others to produce an emotionally balanced healthy life. To learn more please watch the video.


Fitness encompasses all areas of physical health. It is a measure of the body’s ability to perform work, its resistance to diseases, and the strength of its physical response in emergencies. The HFS Fitness Quadrant focuses on creating an active lifestyle with a focus on sports, exercise, and physical performance. Through articles, videos, and wellness classes, HFS offers a variety of fitness information and activities suitable for both children and adults.

The HFS Spiritual Quadrant is not a set of beliefs, but a set of principles and practices that restore and preserve inner peace. The Spiritual Quadrant focuses on breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Through yoga and other wellness activities, HFS will help you to reduce mental stress and physical tension, boost your immune system, and instill a sense of lasting well-being.


Cognition is the set of all mental abilities and processes, including knowledge, attention, memory, problem-solving and decision-making, comprehension, and language. The HFS Cognition Quadrant focuses on mental processing and critical thinking skills, brain health, and performance applications in the home, school, and workplace. HFS utilizes multiple approaches to support healthy cognitive functioning, including meditation and mindfulness training.

Nutrition covers all aspects of the science and enjoyment of food and its preparation. The HFS Nutrition Quadrant focuses on healthy eating, preparing family meals, and delicious, nutritious food. Through articles, videos, and wellness classes, HFS focuses on meal planning and cooking demonstrations to correct poor diet choices that may impact mental or physical health.

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