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Members of our HFS Community have access to weekly wellness classes taught by HFS experts, as well as to a library of pre-recorded videos and articles. These live classes, which address each of the 4 Quadrants of Wellness, are designed to help you reach your goals and include meditation, yoga, fitness, nutrition, and more. 
Class Length: 30 minutes

Meditation Class

Meditation is a practice by which a person achieves a greater sense of awareness, wisdom, introspection, and a deeper sense of relaxation. 

Science is increasingly validating those claims, especially for depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

This guided meditation class helps you connect with your inner self and your inner wisdom. Find out what makes you truly unique while healing past traumas. Learn how to reduce impulsive behaviors, increase your focus and concentration and improve conflict management skills. Each class uses a variety of breathing exercises and guided imagery to allow you to reach new depths of self-awareness.

Experience Level:
 All levels welcome

Good for:  Connecting with your breath, learning to connect with your inner self, experiencing self-induced relaxation and healing

Instructers Bio

Bonney Barnes has been encouraging and motivating students in the Virginia public, private and
homeschool sectors since 2004. She has worked with all ages and academic levels and has played an integral
role in advancing students with special needs in Mathematics . Bonney has served as a teacher, academic coach,
GED facilitator, camp counselor, activities coordinator, mindfulness facilitator and a private and public tutor.  More

While working with special needs students, Bonney noticed a pattern in students achievement, self-confidence, and
self-esteem. Soon after this discovery, Bonney enrolled in a Yoga certification teaching class to grow in her own
self-mastery, but soon realized how necessary and important some of the yoga principles would help her students.
Bonney has been teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness around the Hampton Roads area to both adults and children
since 2012. Bonney's committed to  creating opportunities and meaningful experiences that will inspire others to choose
self-regulation skills to improve their own mental and physical health. Bonney is currently the Yoga and Meditation
facilitator for The DAY Program.
Class Length: 30 minutes

Yoga Class

Studies have shown that yoga can have positive benefits for people with several types of mental health conditions, including depression, ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia and PTSD.
In this class the basic, foundational yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body and calmness in the mind. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement.
Experience Level: All levels welcome
Good for: Symptoms of depression, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, and sleep disorders. Yoga can improve symptoms of schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders when it is done alongside drug therapy.

Instructers Bio

Kristie, a Virginia native, has been practicing mindfulness for over 18 years and teaching Hatha yoga for nearly 14 years. Prior to becoming a Student Physical Therapist Assistant, Kristie studied Anthropology at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA. She regularly returns to the Shenandoah Valley (and beyond) to hike, camp and practice primitive skills with her two young kids. xpand]

Class Length: 45 minutes

Fitness Class

Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and many more disorders that effect your mental health. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. In this beginner friendly fitness class you will move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and functional fitness to enhance your daily living and improve your overall mental health.
Experience Level: All levels welcome
Good for: Balance, core strength, aerobic conditioning and stretching.
Exercise promotes chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and make you relax. Physical activity also reduces anxiety and depressed mood, and enhances self-esteem.
Experience Level: All levels welcome

Instructers Bio

Kim Reeves “PHIT4U,” PHIT Shop, LLC partner, Group Fitness Instructor, and Master Fitness Trainer from Burlington, N.C.
My first passion is functional fitness, essentially when you use your body to build your anatomy resulting in improved core strength, balance, a healthy heart, relaxation, and overall optimal health. My zeal for fitness began as a track athlete in high school.More

I participated in track and field as well as cross country.
After many years of running numerous 5K, 10Ks, marathons and conditioning, I was afforded an opportunity to travel to Paris, France in 1999, where I ran my first marathon and finished amongst the Top 100 out of 25,000 runners. A year later, I competed in my first body building competition and placed second in the men’s middle weight division. Since then, I have participated and won more than 30+ champion bodybuilding and physique competitions. In April 2006, I furthered my passion for fitness and answered my lifelong gift and calling. I became a full time Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Trainer.
During my tenure as a Personal Trainer, I’ve cloned myself training several Personal Trainers, achieved many awards, some of which
are: Personal Trainer of the Year Awards for Onelife/US Fitness (12) and nomination for #1 Hight Intense Interval Training (HIIT)
Class in the Hampton Roads Area for Awarding All Genres Of Fitness (AAGOF) Award. My 21-years of experience in the fitness
industry, coaching youth recreation sports, Youth Recreation Leader in the market place and volunteer youth leader in my local church have equipped me with the expertise to provide my clients with the necessary tools of achieving maximum fitness results, through specialized client centric training sessions to help them reach their fitness goals, whether it be to relieve stress, weight loss, toning, build muscle, manage fat percentage etc. I inspire my clients to exercise independently, make lifestyle changes and reach their fitness goals.
If you desire a dynamic workout, that produces optimal results, then you need a Master Fitness Trainer. That is ME, I am PHIT4U.
Mission Statement: The fitness vision starts with client-trainer partnership that produces desired results; building self-confidence to help clients make wellness a lifestyle change.
Hobbies/Interest: Bodybuilding, running, spending time with family, traveling, and working with youth.
Training Philosophy: Help me to help you maintain a lifestyle of wellness by investing in your health.
Class Length: 45 minutes

Cooking Class

Cooking is a great activity for your mental health. It teaches patience, mindfulness, and it is outlet for creative expression. The primary focus of this cooking class is to define “healthy eating” and to help participants develop their cooking skills. While preparing meals participants discuss will discuss key concepts of nutrition and meal planning and its overall mental health benefits.

Experience Level: All levels welcome. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.
Good for: Creative expression, helps change your relationship with food, patience, organization, stress reduction.

Instructer Bio

Brittney Callier, earned a Bachelor of Science: Human Services Counseling from Old Dominion University. She served children, families, at-hope youth, individuals who live with mental health needs, as well as youth involved with the juvenile court system for 8 years through the Virginia Department of Social Services. She is also the mother and advocate of a differently abled child . Three years ago, Mrs. Callier was graced to combine her love for mental wellness, serving others, and cooking to her own business called Kitchen Therapy. Kitchen Therapy LLC offers an array of services, but its heart is introducing cooking as a form of decompression, self-esteem building, and creative outlet .

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